Crimson Fists 1st Company Captain 1st place in contest 1st place in category

Contest Category: Large Scale

Just another mini

Posted: 20 Mar 2015

9.6 /10 (288 Votes) 45.3k Views

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Ho - Lee - Hellballs! That's the most badass thing I have ever seen here, and there are many badass jobs here. Where to begin? The cape? The kneepad? Scratchbuilt you say? That's so freaking good man.
27 Apr 2015
Kirill, My most humble compliments to you. The artwork is utterly amazing and what really grabs me most is his face. So overly human and yet resigned to his ultimate fate. One of the most incredible faces I have ever seen. Well done on your astounding character.
26 Mar 2015
Daniel Craig, Putin, regardless, this is another level of painting. I don't exaggerate when I say that this is another level of miniature painting, the bar has been risen even further. Stunning, just stunning. Congratulations.
24 Mar 2015
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