Dorn 1st place in category

Contest Category: Single Figure

Just another mini

Posted: 30 Mar 2019

8.8 /10 (440 Votes) 10.4k Views

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Awesome...the gold is so good. Really good work.
25 Jun 2020
It's technically executed perfectly in all areas, not just the NMM. The cape, with the freehanded edge and gold line, the face with the stubble and wound, etc. It doesn't need a lot of distracting movement and action, and it's all so well done that it's easy to overlook just how difficult it is to achieve some of those results.
4 Apr 2019
What a boring 1st place Mini. Maybe the judges were dazzled by that NMM which looks good, but for the rest this is a pretty dull 1st place.
1 Apr 2019 • Vote: 4

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