Horus (inquisitor scale)

This is the Horus figure, second part of my new project : the final battle between the Emperor and Horus in inquisitor scale. I took as inspiration the beautiful artwork of Adrian Smith. This figure is mainly scratchbuild using the legs and power arm of the Tyrus figure, the head of Brother Artemis and a lot of green putty...

Posted: 13 Mar 2004

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deberia llamarse horus el reductor de cabezas! da miedo el gacho! Muy buen trabajo!
4 Jun 2005 • Vote: 9
overall this is well done, however the feet look way too small. I like the lighting on the face and i look forward to seeing how you do the emperor. Good luck!
16 Mar 2004
Impressive work indeed. The pose (or rather the right hand) is a bit odd.. looks like he's pulling a lever. Might just be the angle, though.
14 Mar 2004 • Vote: 9
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