Warmaster Scale Goblin Hero on Squig Chariot

This is Gibberish on his trusty Squig Fido which is a small conversion I did for my Warmaster Orc & Goblin Army. As soon as I caught site of the 40K Ork Boss with a Squig on his arm this idea hit me and I just had to go ahead with it. The tape measure is included so you can judge the size. Comments are welcome as always.

Posted: 20 Mar 2004

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Amazing Paintjob for such a little miniature! :D
23 Jan 2011
cultist of Slaanesh
Nice piece, it makes me want to use squigs again!!!!! i understand how the piece might have points removed because the goblin has little shading, but considering the size i would understand how so. Good job!!
7 Jul 2008
Cool ideal and nice paint work.
25 Mar 2004

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