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Forgeworld Inquisitor Daemonhunter Rhino w. extra armour
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Kelly Kim

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Forgeworld Inquisitor Daemonhunter Rhino w. extra armour

Forgeworld Inquisitor Daemonhunter Rhino w. extra armour

Some pics of a contract we completed for a client some time ago. Even unpainted, this project cost quite a pretty penny. Let's see... there was the plastic Rhino kit, Forgeworld extra armour pack, Forgeworld doors and top hatch, and a Forgeworld Valkrye door gunner. For the paintjob, we used the Eavy Metal colour scheme... I have to say that I loved the rich reds (many many highlights, blacklining, and a few layers of glaze), blended metallics, and plenty of intricate detailing (hats off to the FW sculptors). With so much embossed detail on the tank, I felt that any extra freehand would clutter up the model.

Feedback is always welcome. If you liked this APC, check out some of my other paintjobs... vehicles are a bit of an obsession with me

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#171963 Rating: 9 21 Mar 2006
Cool...but how much you said it cost? If i know forgeworld, it'd possibly be around...100£? And yeah, why is mud so important? I just thought... Purity protects.. is that a soap slogan?
#135002 Rating: 9 31 May 2005
SWEET! Love it. There are some models that just don't NEED weathering. Anyone can hide a lousy paintjob under mud, once you get to a certain level, you need to keep it clean, just to blow everyone else's doors off. This one does that.
#90043 Rating: 7 18 Jun 2004
A REALLY nice gaming piece. The only improvements I can suggest would be to add some subtle weathering or light battle damage (not too much). In particular, the tracks look like he's just been through a car wash






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