Feylhin la Sauvage / die Wilde

Just another mini

Posted: 3 Apr 2004

8.1 /10 (142 Votes) 3.6k Views

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Fabulous. That leopard skin is superbly subtle. Great job :) ~Bill
14 Mar 2006 • Vote: 9
This is simply the best Feylhin that I have ever seen and probably ever likely too. The red warpaint and pale skintone is far more convincing than the dark skin with blue warpaint that is more commonly seen. Excellent mini.
9 Mar 2006 • Vote: 10
Lanyfh... you love or you hate them, no way. I was among who hate them before seeing your beautiful paintjobs. Feylhin is definitely my favourite. Nice done!
8 Jun 2004

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