Some mini from to old range of GW

Posted: 28 May 2002

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Thank you very much for posting this one, it gives me hope to develope my painting skills if I look at the improvement you have made. Wow.
9 Jul 2005 • Vote: 6
Philippe, thanks for posting this. If ever a newbie or beginner wanted an example of how one could advance, improve and join the few selected others on Mount Olympus. This provides the evidence and encouragement. Sorry! I am not slagging off this mini, but Hell's teeth, you have to admit it's a good yardstick to measure how far you have come...?
9 Aug 2003 • Vote: 6
Phillipe you have gotten far better than this Devil.... here the blenidng is way too harsh as in no blending... but it shows the improvement ;-)
26 Jun 2002

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