The coolest dragon even produced by GW...

Posted: 28 May 2002

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I totally agree that the Great spined dragon is by far the coolest dragon ever to be produced by GW. Well painted to. I have one myself, I had luck so I ordered it just a couple of months before they stopped making it. Just haven't painted it. Yours is a true inspiration! A solid 10, cuz i love that model! :)
8 Dec 2008
Awesome dragon! I wish I had tthis one in my collection. I love the undead look to him.
19 Mar 2004 • Vote: 10
Hey, PirateJak. As several people have mentioned, this is NOT a conversion. The Dragon is GW's old "Great Spined Dragon", the rider is from an ancient GW Plague Cart, and the wing membranes (which aren't cast on the wing) are probably made of paper. It's also a great paintjob. Well done.
30 Jun 2003 • Vote: 9
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