Hunter of Darkness

So I had the mini and was content to just leave it be until I needed money from an auction. Then I saw the Van Helsing trailer, and I knew I had to paint it while inspiration was running. Tried several different things on this- slightly quicker and "softer" NMM, and oils on the hat, boots, coat and NMM coat buttons. If I had the patience, I could have doe the whole thing in oil, but it was getting monotonous to paint what I wanted and wait 2 days for it to touch dry. I originally wanted a drab brown coat but the color was so warm, it seemed to work. I had this picture of him in a dreary, rainy Romanian street about to kick some Undead ass hence the base.

Posted: 23 Apr 2004

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I have no idea why this is scoring so low, its a great job, with some lovely freehand and NMM.
8 May 2004 • Vote: 10

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