Mid-Nor Dwarf

i hope you like it..this is my first large scale model, sorry for the poor quality of the pic. i will post a better one later. comments are always welcome

Posted: 26 Apr 2004

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3 Jun 2005
Matt Cexwish
Jeah, great...:D... Interesting, what a different photo can change (look at the 9.0 rating of the SAME Middie...)... Nevertheless, one of the best middies I have ever seen... The blade is awsome and this eye thingy on the head kicks ass...:)... All in all a clear 10...:D...
15 Feb 2005
The effect on the head is really pretty cool and the lamp looks good as well. But please, rename the title and don't just call it "another mini".
30 Apr 2004 • Vote: 7
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