A long time ago...

...there was a little 12 year old Foley who painted minis for his two D&D characters: an evil dwarf fighter and an elven cavalier. These be they.

Posted: 11 May 2004

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Dr. Bob
I had that elf too. Man, I miss my old minis. Thanks for bringing back some good memories!
21 May 2004 • Vote: 6
Yeah, they were both fully painted at one point. 18 years of kicking around in various storage boxes has taken a toll on them. :) I actually have duplicates of both of these...I'm thinking I may have to take a run at them and see what I can come up with now.
12 May 2004 • Vote: 2
Oh my Gosh, I have the bigger one, lol, mine looks almost as bad! I also have the other half of the set, same guy mounted on a horse! hmm Im thinking strip and repaint time for my fellas! Thanks for the memories!
12 May 2004
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