Fabius Gallus

This is my Inquisitor scale Fabius Gallus ...it was Finalist at GD'03 in Germany i hope you like it

Posted: 28 May 2004

6.9 /10 (128 Votes) 4.7k Views

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gallus is latin..not german.. i think its ok, but the face, the-sword?-, and the legs are... not 8, not 7, 6...
1 Jul 2008 • Vote: 6
I certainly do, especially the conversion work, that's why it gets an 8 from me (it's pretty easy to chop his right leg though, I think it should've been positioned differently). Isn't his second name ''Bile''? I guess gallus is German for Bile, but it's still a bit strange if it has been translated (people don't do it with their own names, dunno why GW should!)
31 May 2004

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