Necron Lord

This is the first of 3 commissions that I got done. The client wanted NMM piecies, so this was a must. I used a darker NMM than I'm used to and mixed the colors around to get some new things, like the bronzy gold. As with the first one I did, this lord has little piecies of the necron crystal sprue on the base and some parts have been painted with fluro colors... Guess some habits I'll never break. :P

Posted: 28 May 2004

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Good job!
28 Apr 2014 • Vote: 10
Dude hottest necron lord i've seen yet.
1 Feb 2005
This is an excellent paint job. It's pretty damn hard to give such a simple mini a great coat like that without converting. Nice job! What would make it a nine: Make the green from the crystals reflect on his legs, using some ink or something. And the feet look a little anti-gravitational. Use some puttly to mold the base, and give him the appearance of weight.
18 Sep 2004 • Vote: 8
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