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This is the 5th or 6th mini I painted. I was quite proud of it when it was done, but since then I've been visiting this site and now looking at the picture, see many flaws with it. Comments are welcome. On another note, now I can see that taking pictures is a good way to improve your painting. You can better see what you need to pay attention to. And please excuse my inexperience with the camera I borrowed from work to take this picture (no I didn't use a flash despite what it looks like).

Posted: 19 Jun 2002

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here comes mr.advice :-) first of all, get rid of those mould-lines (on the left leg and maybe also left elbow) with a sharp modelling knife or file before painting second advice: try a wash on this metallic: a black or blue/black may work, and even a dark brown if you want a more rusty effect third one: your painting is quite clean and neat, so move to next step: HIGHLIGHTS! try a lighter colour and put it on the forthcoming details well, i think it's enough for the moment... this is a good solid start, so KEEP PAINTING :-) Cheers =) Luca
31 Mar 2004 • Vote: 6
Yes a picture makes you see so many mistakes at first. But you'll improve. Painting-wise this guy is solid. I'm not fond of the sculpt, but you did good clean work with what you have. Good Job. Keep painting! :)
13 Jun 2003 • Vote: 6
Why does he have a parrot on his crest? Is he one of those "Holy order of the Cracker" Knights? :P
19 Jun 2002 • Vote: 4

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