Cyanur's Base

Soem things were obscured by the mini, so I removed him and took these pics. The copper NMM on the pipe can be founf in my article. The rat comes from a skaven sprue, otherwise, this is fully scratchbuilt.

Posted: 19 Jun 2002

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Frustrated Father
Hell I like it! Can I have it *(heh)!?!
10 Aug 2002
The goobly goo seems a little thick... I'm imagining this stuff coming out and it would seem to me there would be a pile under the pipe or the stuff would be thinner and spreading out more like water. The copper is pretty good, it's a little off though, maybe it's not red enough? Copper is a hard color in any case. The reward poster is phenomenal. The bricks look pretty good but I'm not sure they were the right type of foam, the individual beads in the foam seem too large. *shrugs* All just things to consider.
25 Jun 2002

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