Ardokath Celui-Qui-Veille / Derjenige Der Wacht

Just another mini

Posted: 19 Jun 2004

8.2 /10 (136 Votes) 3.3k Views

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That sword is superb, I can't tell if its metallics or not! The overall colours on this figure are excellent, partcularly the turqouise to brown on the skirt. Shaz
11 Jul 2004 • Vote: 10
Technical control always such an impeccable but an environment badly retranscribed on this figurine, not tortured enough for a Drune. This blue colour is not suitable I find. 8.5
2 Jul 2004 • Vote: 10
@all merci ;) @nebuchadnezzar "-The rating don't give justice to this wonderful piece!-" it's good to read such words from a painter like you! ;)
21 Jun 2004 • Vote: 10
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