Cyanur creeps out at night...

I told you he was scary at night! Now you see he method to my madness of the slime.. You couldn't have picked up on this on the pic in full light, so here he is stalking around the glowing goo.. who's sewage is like that, though (Skaven poo?.. Night goblins after one too many madcap shrooms?) So lemme know how soon you want me locked up in the funny farm.... :P

Posted: 20 Jul 2002

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Kamui K
Aww man. Now that's serious goo. I wouldn't kneel so close to that stuff if I were him. Hmm... Maybe he wants to be one of those mutant goblins. ;)
6 Nov 2002 • Vote: 8
Great job!
20 Aug 2002

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