Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu

Yep, this is him "norma", still spooky with the eyes and tattoos. I don't think I'm to go with wood, but the masks speak for themselves here.. I tried to paint the mask colors like it was in the book, but since it was black and white, I was one my own.

Posted: 26 Jul 2002

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CRASH BANDICOOT MASK THINGY. It's taken me like 10 mins to think of what that reminded me of, nice idea, and sweetly painted
16 Apr 2004
I like. The eyes look fake like they were put in by Photoshop or something but they arent are they. Anyways, good job.
15 Aug 2003
I really like the skin. The dark green is somehow more believable than the typical ork and the bright green tattoos look perfect in contrast. Maybe went a little heavy on the mushrooms as it looks like the boar just passed a pile of them.
24 Dec 2002 • Vote: 8
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