Rodeur wolfen

Although I took me 20 hours to paint this model, it was fun :) To paint it I used cytadel,valleyo and humbrol paints. Because almost whole model is covered in a cloak I wanted it to be the most significant part of the mini. I started with grey undercoat. Once it was dried I painted first layer using jade green mixed with chaos black, then I applied scarab red. It was finished with a highlight of terracotta and then I applied a mix of terracotta and white to complete the effect. Because I wasn't satisfied with the final effect, I decided to add some more layers using camo green paint. I wanted the base to look simple so It wouldn't drive attention from the mini. For this purpose I used sand and static grass and finished it with dirty snow

Posted: 6 Nov 2004

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Très bon boulot, palette de couleurs: superbe.
7 Feb 2009
An exceptional color palette, intricate detail work, all in all a great piece.I´m certainly not a fan of thís mini line but I can´t blaim you so I give this mini what it deserves.
5 May 2005
Amazing use of colors!! You used so many different colors and shades, but it isn't too busy. Fantastic work, I salut you! -James
30 Mar 2005 • Vote: 10
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