Neo-Soviet guy with glowing thing

Finall got this one done. Love that sourced light, umm hmm. I think this guy was called Neo Soviet handler. I honestly don't know what the glowing thing in his hand is supposed to be. I was just looking for an excuse to do sourced lighting. Knida my thing lately. I did the grass with short fur from a little white teddy bear.I painted the fur many different shades and tones of green, 'combed' it with a wire brush to keep the hairs from sticking together. then shaved the little bears bottom and voila, grass!! I guess PETSA (people for the ethecal treatment of stuffed animals) would hate me...........Here's a quater, call someone who cares! I don't care for the larger, straight grass. Unless it's being used for reeds. I have been designing and sculpting in the gamming industry for about 6 years now and painting mini's for a few months. Yet I have never played a game. So I dont know 'proper gamming names', colors etc.... WAY to many rules and it moves to slow. I like PC RTS and flight sims. You click the mouse or pull the trigger and it blows up BIG and NOW. I'm slowly learning digital photography and how to use Photoshop to correct for what gets screwed up when I cant shoot stuff properly.....Honestly, I DONT cheat with Photoshop. It takes the fun out of painting to cheat. Hope ya like it.

Posted: 31 Dec 2004

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That is the best lighting effect i ever seen!!! Holy S@!#!!!! Amazing!
9 Oct 2009
Great work , master! Bravo!
3 Jun 2008
this is the best glowing effect i have seen really looks real! awsome! looks like a radioactive milk bottle
2 Mar 2006
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