This auction is for fairy sculpture No.107 entitled, ‘Queen of Fairies takes flight’ *Mugain*(Moon) and she has just taken flight. She has white hair, hand-painted and sealed blue/green eyes with frosty white eye shadow, glossy pink lips, blushed cheeks and nails. Her gown is also hand-sculpted in two parts: the bodice has been painted to resemble a satiny material trimmed with iridescent ribbon and the matching skirt, in shimmering chiffon. Her handmade crown has been painted with silver-leaf, dusted with iridescent sparkle and embellished with crystal seed beads. Her gossamer wings have an iridescent sparkle with a translucent glaze. This fairy is a full 9” (10” including her crown) and she was made to be suspended from the ceiling, or other high object, so that she can remain free-flying; however, she can also be displayed using a doll stand (not included), but they are very inexpensive to purchase($3.35-$7.25 from miniworlddolls.com). Mugain has a hidden loop beneath her hair, which is so well hidden she doesn’t even need her crown to hide it....And not to worry, the loop is connected to the wire armature, which runs the length of her body, so it’s very strong! I used fishing line connected to the loop to photograph her and it’s barely noticeable in any of the photos. Thank you for viewing my auctions and good luck!

Posted: 6 Feb 2005

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I agree, far and away the best fairy so far! The anatomy is more naturalistic than in some of the others, and little details like the toes and back of her knees really look great. Love the regal face on this one, definitely looks like a queen indeed!
7 Feb 2005 • Vote: 8
To my mind she's easily the best fairy you have posted here. Very nice indeed!
7 Feb 2005 • Vote: 8

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