Commissar colonel Gaunt

I highly modified this 54mm figure of a Russian officer of the 19's century (produced by the french compagny Durendal) to make it looks like the famous commissar of the Taniths first and only.

Posted: 3 Sep 2002

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Nice. I was just thinking that 'dark and sinister' might be better than all the laced atillas, sort of WWII SS, and here is one.
29 Nov 2004
Nice bit of work. I always admire subtle and appropriate conversion work. I tend to go mental with even the smallest conversion project and don't stop until the piece is unrecognisable! And you don't have to sculpt on a Tanith camo cloak to complete the figure as our friend Shoobocks suggests. In the books he serves as a full commisar for some time after the death of Slaydo and his taking command of the Tanith First and Only. Also, even after he assumes command of the Tanith, he does not always wear the cloak, only during stealth operations in the field. If you want a Tanith touch you could always add a Tanith knife, but even that he gives to Rawne at one point.
8 Jun 2004 • Vote: 8
Skulp on a tanith cloak and he will be complete and ready to kickarse. Either that or make the red Blue and make it him when he was a cadet commisar
14 Jan 2004
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