Black orc warlord-conversion

I made this mini from the styrofoam (basis of body and legs,armor,sword,helmet -white parts on foto ) and greenstuff (evil sun ;) ,chainmail, bones on armor and helmet,head - green parts). His hands and spear are property of GW :) (they are plastic grey) Idea of this mini was inspired by numerous GW art....

Posted: 26 Feb 2005

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Reminds me of the orc king in Forgotten realms: Demon stone
2 Mar 2008
I don't see why you give GW any credit.This is all you.Good work.
13 Oct 2005 • Vote: 10
Hum, I may be decried as always complaining, but as you are a great sculptor I think you should have sculpted the hands as well (I'm sure you can do it) because these ones look a little bit too small. 10 though :D
6 May 2005
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