Norse orc warlord

"...far,far north mighty citadel of chaos dwarfs,Sindercrag, is guarded by unusual orcs...They do not know who are Gork and Mork ...they believe in Khorne!" I made this mini from the styrofoam (basis of body and legs,armor,sword,helmet ) and greenstuff (evil sun ;) ,chainmail, bones on armor and helmet,head). His hands and spear are property of GW :) See another picture for more detail unpainted conversion foto... Idea of this mini was inspired by numerous GW art.... If you have emotions or thoughts about this work, do not fear - comment :)))

Posted: 27 Feb 2005

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That is one brilliant orc theme...
31 May 2008 • Vote: 10
Matt Cexwish
:)... I love it, when People are just getting curious about the background of GW and try to show some interpretation of the scene they see in their Minds...:)... The Khorne Orc you have seen (visionlike...;)...) is very interesting and VERY good executed... 10 Points, keep on (maybe next one a Steampunk again...?... We could do steampunk this place up, Mate...:D...)...
1 Sep 2006
It's a CRIME!!! So you hide from me such brilliant work!!! A realy like your sight on "norse orcs" keep up a good work! :)
30 May 2005
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