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Just fihished this lady i guess it was the first and perhaps the last time i painted se-nmm, it might look ok on pictures but rather strange in reality, and isn't that what its all about? ;) ... besides the obscene amount of time i had to spend on it. it was definately the most time consuming part but the most difficult was the face and the patch didnt make it much easier. im not very good at painting female faces so i painted it first so i could rub the paint off again :) i had utmost fun doing the base so i included a extra shot of it with a better overall view, the h&a forest litter is awesome, cant wait to try the ivy take care, Josh greetings to all german painters, have a look at our forums if you don't mind! oh of course greetings to all other painters and paintressed as well ;)

Posted: 1 Mar 2005

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go my minis today. So no longer a Thief hehe ;). Take care Josh
30 Jun 2006
Einfach ein Traum. Selten besseres NMM gesehen und die Base macht auch was her. Da soll mir noch mal einer sagen in Hessen gibt es keine guten Minimaler ;-)
22 May 2006 • Vote: 10
Great painter. Sadley he is also a Thief. Made a deal with him that he should paint a Alcatani felleow ship regiment. I send him the minis over 1 year ago. He wrote me that he did resive them. JUST "FORGOT" to send them back. THIEF
8 Apr 2006
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