A simple skeleton from my Vampire Counts army [funny alternative to my Glorious Dwarfs army]....nothing special here,just a tabletop miniature!

Posted: 3 Mar 2005

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Gunamar Ironwill
The skeleton look better in real life [life?! :D] but he's only a rank & file miniature painted in series.Honestly I put more attention on the shield and the face. Thank you all for the comments!
25 Apr 2005 • Vote: 6
The shield is very beautiful! But things as the mold lines and the sloppy painting here and there, doesn't really serve that shield justice. So 8 for the shield and 6 for the mini. Good job anyway!
24 Apr 2005 • Vote: 7
Nice weathering on the shield! :)
3 Mar 2005 • Vote: 7

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