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Posted: 4 Sep 2002

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is that mosquito spray or LSA
25 Apr 2005
looks like a first week newbe. A little darker flak vest with a hint o oil stain would have been nice. Made me think of when i was there great job
25 Apr 2005
excellent job on this piece Phillipe..I think you have really captured a very realistic look..the faded black on green is perfect..I know I have done this myself at one time..the cigarette pack and mosquito spray is excellent also..the alfred e. newman is great ((for you mad magazine people))..I would suggest though more pastel dirt as it tended to be on everything i see a hint at it in spots((the sienna coloring))..also the flesh face looks fantastic but the highlights ends a bit abruptly and should go down to the chest..also the flak jackets tend to get very dark grimy green with any bit of thats minor..also if his hair and mustache was very blonde most like his eyebrows wouldnt be very dark..all said tho very cool and great work as always
17 Mar 2003
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