Moonsinger (werewolf)

1/6 Scale Cold Cast Porcelain Kit Sculpted by Mark Newman

Posted: 6 Sep 2002

8.7 /10 (266 Votes) 7.7k Views

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WOW! ... Sometimes you see a piece on here that make you go wow. If it does that then its a 9-10 in my book. Looking a little harder you may see something wrong or something you dont like but if I look at it and on first sight it make me say wow it gets a 9-10 (10 for those that add that bit more or take a piece further than it was originally ment to be imagination/conversion)..... but hay What a sweet job this is. My only real comment would be to ask for a close up of the face (sort of an in pic thing) I cant see why anyone would rate less than 9 if they do they should have a bloody good reason why.
26 Nov 2004
This rocks. If this was mine, I'd display it on the mantlepiece and pay it homage every day.
31 Jan 2003 • Vote: 10
That is so sweet. Who makes this model??
23 Jan 2003 • Vote: 10
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