Just another mini

Just another mini

Posted: 15 Apr 2005

9.8 /10 (740 Votes) 53.5k Views

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Looks like pictures from the first alien.
13 Dec 2011
Shady Character
Bit late to the party but here goes. I almost gave it a 9, the lack of detail on the wings contrasts too strongly with the incredible detail on the body, it is a fairly decent flaw. However, that only makes it not perfect, it is still an 'amazing job' and worth that otherwise 'perfect' score. Giger rocks, and so does this mini.
18 Jun 2011
The Raven and the Fox
My GOD its beautiful! That is the best freehand work I've seen! My hat is off you, Sir!
27 Jul 2010 • Vote: 10
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