Blood Angels Chaplain Lemartes [Detail]

A detailed pic of my B.A. Chaplain.I had a great time painting the skull-helm of Lemartes...and I think it turned out quite well. [For the entire miniature see here] Sorry for the low quality of the picture [and bear in mind that this is a 30mm miniature please]. Comments really appreciated!

Posted: 21 Apr 2005

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Gunamar Ironwill
Thank you!I've tried to do my best.Lemartes is probably one of the worst Blood Angels minis I ever seen.You just can't compare him to Dante or Mephisto...:)
24 Apr 2005 • Vote: 9
Chaplain Desmodus
Horrible mini, but WOW, fantastic paintjob!
24 Apr 2005

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