Terminator Chevalier Gris monté

Just another mini

Posted: 14 May 2005

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Du you have the slightest clue how HEAVY such a terminator is? ^^ A Space Marine stripped of his armour weighs about... 700 pounds (Lexicanum)... Well, and since Tactical Dreadnought Armour is considered to be almost as powerful and heavy as a small battle tank... ^^ And remember the one of these stories in the Index Astartes... A Titan walked over a Terminator... And, well, the warrior survived.
5 May 2008
dark arts
the lama looks to small but cool model!
24 Aug 2006
The horse/lama is a little static compared to the rider, but overal nice paintjob.
8 Dec 2005 • Vote: 8
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