Lioness of Alahan

First, I thought it was a wonderful idea to paint this miniature, but during the 40 hours it cost me to paint it, I sometimes doubted it! ;) But the result compensated all the sore fingers and the aching back! I had not very much time left to paint her, because I wanted to have the piece finished for the "Miniaturenansichten III" in Witten, Germany. So 30 hours were painted in one week during my vacation. It won me a golden "Red Devil" in the category Monster Masterclass!! The base was made with Hirst Arts floor tiles and two pillars which were destroyed a bit to give them an older look. The little Satyr (a familiar made by Rackham) is jumping into safety in front of the hooves of the horse, which is rearing up in fright. So I can only say: " Attention! Woman on horseback!" ;)

Posted: 7 Jun 2005

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The gold filigree works so well together with the blue, I think! The rest is lovely too, but as Snowcat pointed out, I am not so impressed by the scene's exectution either. None the less this is fantastic painted!
11 Jun 2005 • Vote: 10
8.5. More for the painting. But based on your concept, I would have had the horse and/or satyr positioned differently to better reflect the "movement" of the diorama. Horse could have been rearing more. Also, the horse's eyes give no indication of its nervousness, etc. Excellent painting.
8 Jun 2005

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