Dark Angels Dreadnought - Brother Akkad

My first CMON picture :) Please, feel free to make any comments.

Posted: 3 Jul 2005

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brother bethor123
Thank you. I think that rust isn't a good theme for Space Marines. I believe tha Marines' equipment is maintained in rather good condition so there is no place for such effects. As fo too much of paint chipping - maybe you're right. I have to think about it because I have another dreadnought in the pipeline.
13 Jul 2005 • Vote: 8
Nice job. In my opinion, there's almost too much paint chipping/weathering there. Maybe less of that and more stuff like rust/oxidation and dirt could've gotten the "gritty" point across better for me. This is all totally opinion though. The painting is very nice and neat, and the detail work is good.
12 Jul 2005 • Vote: 7

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