One for the Ladies

This is an old GW mini from when they did the Judge Dredd range back in the eighties, I fancied a breack from the 10mm stuff I have been painting recently and this is the result. He was origonally started way back when the origonal PYP thread started and was prompted by Tooshy's comment about a picture someone posted of themselves in swimming trunks... Yes Tooshy I'm sure you can remember if not I'll dig out the post and embaress you more :D I was ogoing to call it one for Tooshy but it spent so long sat by the computer that idea lost meaning finally finished it yesterday.

Posted: 9 Jul 2005

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Excellent job! Very nice fleshtones, and the shorts are just hilarious. The only thing I don't care for is the gun, but that is more the sculpts fault. I would of gave his shorts a yellowish tinge in the front for realism, but thats just me. :D
10 Jul 2005 • Vote: 10
Well - you have finally answered a "burning question" - just what do SMs' wear under their armor? I would like to be the very first to thank you for the insight! Public service minded painters should be recognized at all times. I think some balled up bed covers would have been nice on the base - lol! Nice job though - 7.5 in my opinion.
10 Jul 2005 • Vote: 7

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