If I only had BRAINSSSS!!!

Oz is In trouble.. :P Before you ask, that eye shine is NOT a computer effect! What you see is what you get. I just wanted to get away from the usual fall scene everyone does with him. And he ate a Lollipop Kid... poor sucker....

Posted: 27 Sep 2002

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I can't take my EYES of it !!
6 Dec 2005
This mini is everything a phenomenal mini should be. Beautifully sculpted, yes, but the paint job is great - I especially love the glowing eyes! Also important is the gruesome narrative hinted at by the base - this elevates the figure from those around it. Excellent!
19 Mar 2004
Methinks Dorothy won't get back to Kansas... This one is way too cool, and YOU, you ARE a case for the funny farm. Definitely. Ok, the paintjob is a solid 8, but the Oz theme (ok, and the eyes, too) earn this one a 9. PS: If the party's clumsy fool gets so seriously screwed up, I don't wanna imagine the tin man... :(
21 Sep 2003
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