Thanquol & Bone Ripper (Warmaster Scale)

Had these two lying around for a while so thought I had better finish them out of the way, not planning a Skaven Army just yet but bought a few of the figures when they first came out. I have put in an extra shot with a 5 cents piece (had a pocket full of shrapnel when I got back from my last trip) and they are based on a quarter. For those not in the know a 5 cents piece is 20mm diameter and a quarter is about 23mm diameter and the scale for Warmaster is 10mm. Not entirely happy with the way they have turned out Bone Ripper seemed a horrible cast whereas Thanquol was easy but that might just be me. Comments and feed back are welcome as always.

Posted: 17 Jul 2005

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What was wrong with a british coin!! Nice as usual on these tiddlers. The claw on the 'thingy' looks a little flat but what can you expect on figures this small :D Shaz
17 Jul 2005 • Vote: 7

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