This is a Barbarian from a line that GW produced in the late 80's and his tab said his name was Poseur, although you have to admit for those of us that can remember going back a bit he does have a resemblance to Hulk Hoggan the wrestler :D so I thought he would be an ideal subject to go into the Heresycon boys with Balls competition this weekend. The base is done from two pieces of cork sheet its the first time I have tried basing like this and I was supprised how easy it was to do and the whole thing was a nice change from painting up Warmaster figures. Comments are welcome as always.

Posted: 22 Jul 2005

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He looks just like Hulk Hogan; and Hogan is a poser!
25 Jul 2005
Matrim Cauthon123
I really like his skintones, they look fantastic. Great job!
24 Jul 2005

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