Horus vs The Emperor

Inquisitor's scale figures (for close up see images id #96851 (The Emperor), #96853 (Horus) and #96854 (Sanguinius))

Posted: 8 Aug 2005

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I appreciate the effort put into this piece; it's truly awe-inspiring. What keeps me from giving you a 10 is the pose of the emperor. It looks as if he's about to sit down; he should have a much more regal and straight pose!
8 May 2009
Awesome, simply awesome.
29 Oct 2007
Dark Apostle
Beautiful piece! By far the best Emperor and Horus ive ever seen. Even the dead Sanguinious looks amazing. The only thing that i see that might be wrong with it is the fact that the emperor looks like he is about to fall over backwards. but this is too good to give a "9"
6 Mar 2007
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