Fire Elemental

Experimenting with fire here... Let me know what you think. I think it needs to be a bit darker on the edges.

Posted: 3 Oct 2002

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I like what you've done here, it's really hard to make out the model - which for once is not a bad thing. To improve it I'd suggest that you paint the tips of the flames at the top black and deep red, and maybe make the tips of the flames at the bottom a light orange. Then, not only will it give the impression that the flames are cooler on the outside than they are on the inside, but also that the fire itself gets cooler the higher it climbs. (Does that make sense?)
5 Nov 2002 • Vote: 7
Darker on the edges, ligter in the folds not bad tought
17 Oct 2002 • Vote: 5
Actually, I think it needs to be a brighter yellow-white in the folds; I think the edges are just about right (perhaps too dark?) -- see submission #260, which I think goes far too red/brown at the edges, but has the right amount of yellow/white.
3 Oct 2002 • Vote: 6

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