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    I dont know if this is an 'article' so much as a product review. But I thought it seemed fitting to post here for reference.

    I wanted to let people know about a product from Slik Camera Accessories, the Flex-Leg Tripod. (Slik 618-786)

    This is about 4 inches high, and has flexible legs. It's is about the best thing in the world for shootiing miniatures, at least in the 54mm and smaller range. It sits up just high enough to give you a good angle, and with a servicable macro lens, you can shoot /very/ close to the miniature, without having to compact the legs of a normal sized tripod. The flexi legs have enough tensile strength to hold the camera in really oblique and odd angles if need be - even 90 degrees to one side, provided you spread the legs wide enough.

    Its designed to go with the recent spate of small digital camera's like Canon Elf's etc, but I use my Power Shot Pro70 which is as big, if not bigger than a standard 35mmSLR, and it supports it fine. Just for size comparison, here is a picture with an SLR.

    Okay, and the other good thing is cost: $4-$5.00!

    Its hard to argue with that.

    So check out your local camera shop, and try one out, or if you can't find it, mail order it by calling my girlfriend @ Kenmore Camera, in WA. @ 1-888-485-7447, and she'll hook you up.

    Oh, and no, i dont work for Slik or anything... I just think its a cool product.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs2.5 License.

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