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  • Quick Fix for Adobe User's

    I found an incredibly easy way of adjusting pictures so they are viewed alot more like the real thing.

    Its quite short and simple , but you do need adobe photoshop. Basicaly all you do while you are in the program is load up the pic then hit :

    Shift + Ctrl + L

    This is the hotkey combo to auto adjust all the levels of the picture so they appear more as the real thing. It gets rid of unwanted tints in a picture like say if something turns out yellowish . It also enhances the brightness and contrast so pictures appear chrisp and life like.

    Anyhow here are some sample pics of the adjusting, sorry but I had to borrow these pics from other articles which were written by Mengu (First example) and Honza (Second example). I had gotten over-zealous with all my old pictures and re-adjusted and saved them before I could get before and after pics.

    Before 1

    After 1

    Before 2

    After 2

    Hope this helps out!
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