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    Building Osgiliath

    The base and walls are made from high density foam. It is all
    ached with regular white glue.
    The first step after I have roughly built the base and some of the
    walls is to position the figures to make sure that all of the pieces will
    fit and to make sure that the scenery is not obscuring and of the figures.

    I also make sure that the buildings and doorways are to the
    proper scale

    Using a sharp modeling knife and a ruler I carve into the
    foam to mark out the groves for the brick and the cobblestone. to thicken
    the groves I use a ball point pen and run in through the groves. This
    makes a deeper and wider grove. I will run the pen trough several times
    depending on how deep I want the groves to be. For example when carving
    out groves for the large cobblestone on the ground u like to have a deeper
    and wider grove than what is carved for the bricks.

    The rubble is made with drywall plaster. I use the stuff on
    the sides of the plaster container as well, these make great rough looking
    piles of rubble.

    After this has dried I had different sizes of small gravel.

    The whole scene is painted first with a black. I use a
    generic acrylic black. I don't use the higher quality GW black, Its to
    good and expensive to use for a base coat. Oh ya, don't spray it with a
    primer! It will eat away at the foam.

    I then add bits of white to the black and dry brush several
    coats. I add more and more white to each coat till I get a very light
    grey. Make sure to let each coat dry before adding the next coat.

    The bridge is made from balsa wood. This stuff is easy to
    cute and is fairly cheap to buy.

    I painted the water with a mix of greens, browns and blues.
    Then I added a gloss acrylic varnish to give it a nice wet look.

    Here is the finished product.
    for more shots of this piece <a href="">click

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