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    Please pardon my form (or lack thereof) this is my first shot at a written how-to type thing.

    Trees made simple

    Mine are Pretty easy:

    The whats for these-
    Go find some branches that will look about right.

    Dig out some good glue and a nail with a decent size head.

    Get some colored wool fiber, pillow stuffing, cotton...whatever. I prefer scenic wool

    Round up some fine foliage (the little cut up pieces of foam in foliage colors).

    And, finally, Aquanet Hairspray (it actually works bestest, the cheaper the better)

    And the how-
    1 cut bottom of tree flat
    2 glue nail to bottom of tree by head

    let dry

    3 pull wool (or whatever you are using) out real thin (like cheap halloween spider web decoration stuff, which you can also use) and lay it on the branches where you want your foliage after spraying liberally with the cheap hairspray (the thinner you get the fiber the more "dappled" your tree will look

    let dry

    4 Spray liberally with the hairspray again then sprinkle foliage into the fibers then turn tree upside down to let any loose foliage fall off

    let dry

    5 (optional) repeat last step if desired for a thicker foliage effect (in the photos the pink tree was done once, the other tree was done 3 times for a thick, lush look).

    let dry

    Now your tree is ready to stab by the nail into some foam, a diorama, or whatever, and play with.

    oh.... Wait......I forgot something before you play with it.......

    let dry lol

    If feedback warrants it, I will update this with in progress shots, clarifications, etc.... later. Thanks!
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