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    Granted, I don't have many figures posted yet, so why you may ask am I writing a painting article? To answer your question,

    1.) I have been painting for close to 15 years.
    (I had to sell my collection of painted minis to raise some money
    when I was inbetween jobs.)

    2.) I have not had a whole lot of time lately to paint because my
    wife and I were recently blessed with the arrival of my son.
    So, that brings me to reason

    3.) To share my knowledge of a great line of hobby products that are cheap!
    And we all know, the more money we can save on supplies, the more money we can spend on minis!

    I have seen a lot of talk about what paints to use and whose products are better...etc...
    but, I would like to introduce the community to a line of paints I have been using for about a year and a half now.
    I stumbled on them while in the craft store with my wife. ( I always tend to look for a cheap acrylic paint, and test the product line's black. That way, if I find one that covers well, and is cheaper than other major brands, I'll start buying their paint line.)

    Well, this one paticular day, I came across Making Memories Scrapbook colors. These paints are great! And they are about $2 a bottle for a big bottle. (About 3 vallejo's bottles put together) I found the black is richer in color than GW's , and About the Same a Vallejo's. (Although a little thicker out of the bottle) Also, they tend to dry quickly.

    So, after my experience with black, I started to delve into their other colors. And found even though the line is only 46 paints, they have an equivalent to most GW's and Vallejo's. (If not, you can always mix, as they mix very well with each other and other brands.)

    Below I have included a few places that carries them, and a couple links to online stores. See for yourself, if there is a paint you go through a lot of, invest in these, they are bigger bottles for the same amount of money, and the quality is GREAT!
    Not to mention, if you get a set of 6 paints, (Yes, they have sets, with cutesy names.)
    it comes with a palette for mixing and thinning. (Could also make a good movement tray. It worked for my skeletons.)

    Some JoAnn fabric/craft stores carry them, although, I have only come across one in my area that does. Most Scrapbook stores will order them for you if you ask nice.
    Or, you can get them here.

    (I would suggest the Cityscape set, as it has a LOT of useful colors.)

    Or here.

    So, check them out. They do need to be thinned a little more than the aforementioned brands, as they are slightly thicker out of the bottle. Let me know what you think!
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