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    Part 2 CoolMiniOrNot Picture Posting Etiquette and Tips
    Okay hello again and welcome to the second part of my beginners articles.
    So you've put your picture of your model up onto CMON but you keep seeing all of these fancy submissions with multiple views of the same image but from different angles, for example things like this: to can do this, all it needs are a bit of basic computer skills. First things first if you have a program like Photoshop this is brilliant if you haven't there are a few programs on the web that allow you to download a similar program these are
    There are already quite a few articles on creating a photomontage on the site. To find these again go to the toolbar and click on Articles. These articles will properly be in the Photography section. (In the Articles there are many sub-sections where you will find peoples discussion on many subjects and a great many painting tips.)
    A few additional points

    It may be helpful if you put a short description in the comments section when you load up a picture particularly if you have done an unusual conversion or brilliant technique, it helps other people learn!

    When posting try not to post lots of separate pictures of the same mini see the advice above for info on creating a montage.

    When commenting on other peoples work remember that they are a real person somewhere it may not be Golden Demon quality but please don't leave overly negative or unhelpful comments e.g. 'That is a rubbish neewb' isn't helpful to anyone, but a comment like 'really like the blending make sure that the paint doesn't go on to the wrong areas by accident 'is a more helpful comment. Remember the main thing is to help people improve.

    When entering a model try not to upload WIP's (Work In Progress pictures) you can get more advice on these in the WIP thread in the forums. Try to save the gallery for finished models.

    If you really like a model someone has done and want to ask them a question about it then do so! By clicking on there username and then clicking send a private message (refered to as a PM) to (name) you can ask them that question!

    And also remember to check out the forums on the right hand side for extra advice and random conversation we're a friendly, though not always sane, bunch of nutters J
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