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    I'm part of a medieval re-enactment group ( HTTP:// and at the last event I took some closeups of the armor for help with none metallic metals. I have seen a lot of tutorials trying to explain it with globes and spheres but theres nothing quite like seeing the real thing. I got some really nice closeup photos for reference so I decided to share them. All equipment and knights are part of Medieval realms unless otherwise stated. it is all made of mild steel with copper or brass decoration.To start with are the closeups of armour, swords and helms, after that there are some combat shots which might be more useful to sculptors. I've also included some photos of some knights on horseback for reference for barding.(Ignore the modern files in this one)[pagebreak][pagebreak] I admit this isn't exactly armor but someone might find it useful, its a pewter tankard.This is 4 in 1 round butted  mail and 4 in 1 round riveted with dome rivets, as you can see in the above picture one of the rings is missing so its a repair job needed lolNicely battered shield [pagebreak]Now we have armour being worn.In these next 3 shots I do not know who these knights are or which group they belong to as the photo was taken at Lanark Medieval festival 2007 but it does give a nice sense of different lighting and there are rust patches showing as it didn't stop raining almost the entire weekend. Apologies for the quality of these shots not being as good as the others, i only had my point and shoot camera with me at that event rather then my good camera.Now for some action shots and back to Medieval realms again[pagebreak]The medieval art of putting the boot in.This image isn't simply forced perspective, the guy in the yellow and blue is getting near 7 ft tall, might be useful for sculptors to see how taller races like ogres would fight humans or dwarves.[pagebreak]Note how the swords bend due to the force of the impact.Ive been told this nasty looking weapon is a Voulge.Even knights have vulnerable bitsThis is one more for the sculptors, some nice dramatic poses.[pagebreak]Notice the light reflects off the metal onto the shield.[pagebreak]Just to finish off the references here are some photos of some knights.As you can see this isn't quite the genuine article of horse armor, the mail is knitted and the helms I think were aluminum. These horses are far too light a build to be an authentic knights horse, however the barding and flags are particularly nice and they did put on a really good show to watch. (if I remember correctly they are a group called knights of the damned)This one isnt the clearest photo but I just had to add it for the sculptors for the expression on his face alone.I hope that people find a use for these. This is only a small selection of references, I've got thousands but these are some of the best. I will update with any interesting photos I get over the course of the show season.
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