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  • Miniature Painting w/ Jérémie Bonamant Teboul DVD review

    Well I am new to the hobby of figure painting about 6 months in and I have yet to complete one from start to finish because I am not satisfied with my painting skill ( that and I am a paramedic putting a wife through nursing school working 90 plus hours on an ambulance and hospital together). So that being said I bought a couple of painting how to DVDs to improve my skills as I have no time to go to a GW to hang out. Anyway this as most of my post is just a smattering of my thoughts. Oh and FYI no I am not paid to do this. So onto the review. This DVD is put out by Kraken edition. This DVD will tell you more than you will likely ever use on miniatures unless you are shooting for Slayer Sword painting. This is a VERY in depth DVD @ 7 HOURS it will give you the knowledge and a damn good start at painting award winning figures (with practice). The DVD itself comes in french and english there werent subtitles on the english version though it was shot in french I assume as when there are face to face discusion the lips dont match the words..Think old kungfu movies.. The DVD itself doesnt look as..... Corporate as the P3 dvd, this was shot in JBT's home and he sometimes has a sheet hung behind him while doing discussion. This really doesnt detract from the DVD as most of the DVD is on the figures where it should be. This DVD seems to be aimed at display case and painting competion level figures, this aint your Mama's army painter here.This DVD takes you step by step through the entire painting process answering all questions as you go and showing you how its done no guess work. I dont know if all the figures painted were Kraken figures but there were to the tune of 5-8 painted. All were fantasy type figures trolls, hobbits etc. JBT uses GW paints as he states it is his preference. He went onto state this is not a deffinitive instruction as every one has their own style, use what he shows you with a provebial grain of salt.What does the DVD do? This DVD answered every painting question I ever had about painting, gave me more questions, and answered them too... This ranges from common sense stuff to college level art theory. On the box it states 150 step by step techniques (mini prep, NMM, true metalics, faces, wet blending, color theory, light theory,)...I didnt count but lets just say you will watch it several times and take notes and still not get every thing there is on this movie. Numb your butt, this is alot of sitting at 7 hours. I personally watched it over several days because as I was learning I had to digest some of the info, THERE IS ALOT HERE. I seem to be repeating that alot. Thats because there is alot of info here. =)What does this dvd NOT do? Win awards for editing. There were several long pauses that could have been edited out. The voice over or narrator says "ahh" and "Umm" ALOT, every other sentence it seemed like, it is one of my pet peaves when people do it so that makes it all the worse. It is strange to see the painters hands moving since you know he is expounding on something and narrator says nothing, could be that there is monolog that doesn't require translation dont know.. Make you instantly a wonder painter wizard winning Slayer Swords over night. This gives you techniques that works for an award winning painter and will likelywork for you with PRACTICE. Get over quickly 7 HOURS long lots of paying attention UNDIVIDED attention or you will miss something.Who is the DVD for? EVERYONE!!! Young , old Noob, Veteran, everyone will pick something up here there are neat little tips and tricks all over this thing I would be so bold to say even if you are winning you own GD you will still pick up some goodies here. If you are new this can be a little daunting (like when I tried to learn guitar) but practice. I dont know anywhere else there is so rich a knowledge base just ripe for the taking. This DVD was 31.50 as compared to P3 basic @ 23.99(prices are ) so for 7.51$ US you get 6 hours more video...You do the math...I am blown away by what this DVD has to offer if you didnt buy it stop reading now and do so. this is the second DVD I have watched and attempted to review and I feel a little like a baby when it comes to painting but in a good way because I see alot of potential(even for me!). I am out of DVD's to review am trying to get a copy of How to paint a better miniature by Lazlo...Alas is still out of stock...Also the miniature mentor series looked interesting.If any one would like to lend me a DVD or trade let me know I'll review it too!Nick
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      If you know where there is a store that might have this dvd tell me please because i lost mine?
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