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  • P3 Core painting techniques a Review.

    Well I am new to the hobby of figure painting about 6 months in and I have yet to complete one from start to finish because I am not satisfied with my painting skill ( that and I am a paramedic putting a wife through nursing school working 90 plus hours on an ambulance and hospital together). So that being said I bought a couple of painting how to DVDs to improve my skills as I have no time to go to a GW to hang out. Anyway this as most of my post is just a smattering of my thoughts. So onto the review. This video is put out by Privateer Press or the makers of Warmachine and Hordes. This DVD is made to be an intro into our hobby teaching you the same things that can be found on forums and youtube but in a much nicer medium and without the hours of web crawling and forum hopping. The DVD is well put together as things go very clean and easy to navigate. It is well narrated and the photography seems spot on. The info is what it is supposed to be very basic this DVD will take you up to good tabletop quality figs it seems.It starts off with tools what they are and how to use them no surprises here. Then we move on to 4 techniques and how to employ them. Finally there are 3 types of figures that are painted, a warjack, a warcaster, and a beast painted from start to finish. The warjack would compare to armour or maybe a space marine, the warcaster relates to any figure from a sm to a chapter master to Imperial gaurd, the beast is comparable to a tyranid or other organic.The equipment used in the video appears to all be P3 stuff paint, brushes, wash medium, etc. Good suggestions how to set up a pallete. Takes all the guess work out of how to mix up pains with water and shows what your paint goes on like or should anyway. I am sure that there will be differences in how paints from other lines are used for consistency for instance. What does this DVD do... It shows you how to start this hobby the very basic stuff from assembling, deflashing, pinning, and finaly gluing. Then how to paint 4 techniques base coat, drybrush, layering, and washing. Also how to finish off that base with a basic sand and grass finish. Finally how to paint a Cygnar Ironclad Warjack, Sorcha a Khador Warcaster, And the Raek Everblight beast. What the DVD doesnt do... Doesn't waste time, for me this was cool. No other types of figures represented only Privateer Press (duh thier DVD). Doesnt show the entire figure painted begining to end IN DETAIL just how to do the techniques on that paticular figure then moves on, anymore than showed and I think it would of been cumbersome and a bore. Make you a Master Painter out of the box.Who is this DVD for?! New people to the hobby of miniature painting, this DVD or one like it damn well should be given out with the first box set you buy from what ever miniature company you buy from as it would have made life SOOO easy rather than wasting all that time looking crap up and sorting through all the chaff you tend to find on hobby forums. It states on the box it is for the experienced enthusiast, I tend to disagree If you are comfortable and producing good results with base, dry, wash etc ,Then you are prolly ok without this DVD. This I assume is the first of more DVDs to come as it clearly states Volume 1.Yes I will buy volume 2 if and when it comes out.I am glad I bought it yes I learned some showed me some tips and confirmed somethings I was doing wrong.There you have it I will be reviewing Miniature Painting w/ Jeremie Bonamont Teboul next.
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