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    Is has to be said - Adobe Kuler is God's gift to the color blind (miniature painters included). Whether you're painting posters, gallery pieces, your kid's bedroom or Space Marines this brand new web-hosted application by Adobe will quickly help anyone master the art of color. If you're one of the many painters that struggles with color selection more than anything else then your days of "borrowing" from other painters is over. This remarkable application allows you to create your own palettes, browse the most popular themes or even generate custom themes from images you upload or browse through Flickr. Its the easiest and most comprehensive color utility available anywhere. Best of all, its FREE and doesn't require you to download anything!!!
    People use Kuler for an astonishing number of applications, such as simple birthday card creation, interior decor, web design, wedding planning, and textile design. One of the most exciting aspects of kuler is that it lets users share and comment on themes worldwide. Yes, worldwide. It's not an eclectic selection of people who've discovered kuler; it's a global community.Users can search the online community for themes by a tag word, creator, or theme name. And its best feature by far, is the ablity to create compelling themes from photograhed images. Upload your own images or search through the thousands of searchable photos available on Flickr's server library. Color themes are displayed in big, bright patches along the bottom of the interface from 5 seperate points in the image. If you dont like a particlar color simply drag the color sampler to a new location. Even more helpful is the Mood Selection Menu located along the left side of the interface which lets you select between bright, muted or dark color variations within the same image. Simple!Adobe hasn't forgotten their die-hard color fans either. Creating color schemes from a specific colors is easy with the Create from Color option. You can modify your selection range by selecting from a host of catagories like Analogous, Monochromatic, Complementary, Shades etc. Even within one of these broadly defined catagories customization is nearly endless. Each color can be tweeked using the individual channel sliders. Further, you don't have to stick to the RGB color model as various other color models are available. Selecting HSB for example allows you to tweek your current color scheme based on Hue, Saturation or Brightness. What's particularily wonderful about the Kuler interface is that all adjustments can be made quickly and with greater accuracy by grabbing the individual dongles on the color wheel. Its hard not to see the enormous benefit of using Kuler to guide you in your color selection process. It's just one more tool to help you create truly inspiring miniatures.Miniature Mentor -- your miniature training resource.
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