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  • Water Bases

    Water Bases
    (All paints used are P3 Paints)

    Step 1) Cut and glue down cork to make large flat rocks, drybrush the cork and paint the rest of the space Bloodstone Brown
    Step 2) Glue Sand over the Bloodstone and add some small Talus rocks:

    Step 3) Apply water effect (I used woodland scenics water effects) and sculpt the waves:

    once it drys clear it should look like this:

    Step 4) Wash with blue ink. not to heavy (you still want to be able to see the rocks underneath when you are done) and try not to get any bubbles:

    Step 5) Wash with 50/50 Blue/Turquoise ink wash:
    Step 6) Dry Brush with with Marrow white very lightly and try only to get the tops of your waves:
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